Single Matte African Turquoise and Lava Stone Bracelet

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African Turquoise

~ Opens the mind to new ideas & possibilities ~

~ Aids in growth, development & positive change ~

~ Brings structure, balance & prosperity where it is due ~



~ Calms emotions ~

~ Provides guidance & understanding ~

~ Provides rebirth & shedding of unneeded layers of emotional attachments ~


Each stretch bracelet is handmade

8mm stones


Lava stones can be used with essential oils. If adding oil to the stone, be sure to allow the stone to dry completely before wearing to avoid staining clothing.


Lava stones are natural, making each stone unique. The shape of the lava stone does vary from stone to stone. Being that each stretch bracelet is handmade, the stones are picked to be the most uniformed.


African Turquoise stones are natural, making each stone unique. The colors may vary slightly from stone to stone and bracelet to bracelet.